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iSectors offers a comprehensive suite of ETF-based asset allocation models available for use in 401(k) plans. Utilizing Mid Atlantic Trust Company’s ModelxChangeTM platform, along with your preferred TPA and record keeper provider, iSectors ETF-based model portfolios can help you provide a fully diversified, cost effective offering of investment solutions to your 401(k) clients.

iSectors professionally managed investment  allocations enable advisors and Plan Sponsors to create  customized, unbundled, 401(k) plan solutions that meet the various risks and return needs of Plan participants. The iSectors allocations also reduce overall plan costs compared to many actively-managed mutual fund or group annuity-based plans.

iSectors specifically offers a series of five globally allocated models suitable as retirement plan default investment selections for participants of various risk – return needs and age classifications. This allows you to map participants directly into a complete, fully diversified model appropriate for their goals and risk tolerance using your questionnaire or our assessment tool.

The iSectors 401(k) plan can be utilized in an open-architecture structure, from which an array of strategic and tactical/dynamic allocations can be implemented. Besides core equity and fixed income portfolios, the iSectors Capital Preservation, Inflation Protection, Precious Metals, Liquid Alternatives, Endowment, and Tactical Global Balanced Allocations can be selected as satellite strategies by Plan Sponsors that prefer a more creative offering of investment selections for their participants.

The iSectors Allocation Models available for use in 401(k) Plans include:

The iSectors® 401(k) Plan Features and Benefits:

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401(k) Literature for use with Plan Sponsors or Participants:

401(k) Literature for use with Plan Participants:

To get started or for more information, contact Scott Jones, iSectors® Director of Business Development: 800.869.5184 or scott.jones@isectors.com.

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