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All iSectors® strategies are rooted in our philosophy that asset allocation, rather than the selection of individual securities is a more beneficial approach to helping you reach your financial goals. Our investment process seeks to maintain low overall investment costs through the use of exchange-traded funds, and technology provided by turnkey asset management platforms. iSectors strategies also offer holdings transparency. Which means your iSectors investments are held in separate, or unified managed accounts, titled in your name, at an independent brokerage firm.

To improve our clients’ financial and personal lives by implementing advancements in investment research and strategy, information technology, and client service resources.

  1. To be the most trusted outsourced ETF-based investment strategist advisors turn to as their asset allocation resource partner.
  2. To provide exceptional value and service to those advisors and their clients that have placed their trust in us.
  3. To provide innovative asset-allocation strategies that offer greater diversification and superior risk-adjusted returns.
  4. To offer transparency, especially when it comes to investment holdings, performance, fees and taxes.
  5. To implement our strategies through investment platforms that make the investing process more efficient for advisors and reduce the total overall investment costs to their clients’ portfolios.

By providing a disciplined, objective, and low-cost way to asset allocation, iSectors can play an important and critical component of investment portfolios.

The iSectors public relations team is happy to provide the media with timely information about the company and its products and services. Vern Sumnicht, Founder and CEO of iSectors, is available for journalist interviews to provide commentary on a variety of economic and financial topics. For Vern’s media profile and contact information, click here.

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