iSectors® Domestic Equity Allocation

The iSectors Domestic Equity portfolio is allocated among a diversified basket of large and small cap value and growth index-based ETFs.

iSectors Domestic Equity Allocation provides investors with a diversified stock portfolio that attempts to produce market or near-market returns by investing in low-cost index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Research has shown that the majority of an investor returns are due to their asset allocation, and not security selection. This model’s passive strategy eliminates a significant portion of an investor’s costs typically paid to the managers of mutual funds using an active management style. Research has shown that the vast majority of active managers underperform the indexes, and a significant reason for this is the costs of their management fees and commissions. By eliminating those costs, the iSectors Domestic Equity Allocation seeks to provide investors with index type returns with a similar risk profile.

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