iSectors® Post-MPT Allocation Strategies

iSectors Post-MPT Allocations maintain optimal portfolio allocations by rebalancing portfolios regularly as the investment environment changes. iSectors is an enhanced approach to traditional Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) that catapults MPT to a new level of excellence. iSectors impressive returns and low risks can be attributed to: 1) A more robust asset allocation algorithm that uses more than a dozen economic variables to determine and regularly rebalance back to an optimal portfolio allocation. 2) A superior approach to diversification using asset classes such as: US Treasury bonds, real estate, infrastructure, commodities and others 3) Our approach considers “negative returns” as the “risk” investors want to avoid, volatility (standard deviation) is a less appropriate measure of “risk.” 4) Low fees. In addition, all accounts are highly liquid and separately-managed accounts.

Post MPT Growth Allocation

Post MPT Moderate Allocation

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