Attractive Equity and Balanced Alternatives

On March 3, 2015

Given the volatility in the markets over the last ten years, it has been difficult to find strategies that performed consistently well on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis. There were many equity-benchmarked investments that performed well into the market highs on 2007 and then gave up all of the gains in the one and a half year bear market that followed. Other investments reduced or eliminated losses during the 2007-2009 market debacle only to underperform the record setting rise since then.


Although past performance may not be predictive of future returns, iSectors Post-MPT series of allocations have performed well during all three market swings that have taken place over the past ten years, as evidenced by their performance rankings in the Morningstar ETF Managed Portfolio Universe:

Post-MPT Growth

  • #7 of all 134 ETF managed portfolios with ten years of performance
  • #13 of all 393 ETF managed portfolios with five years of performance
  • #3 in performance of all 75 US Equity portfolios for 2014
  • Highest 5 year alpha (risk-adjusted return) of all 44 US Equity portfolios

Post-MPT Moderate

  • #3 in performance of all 32 US Balanced portfolios for five years
  • #1  in performance of all 46 US Balanced portfolios for 2014
  • Highest 5 year alpha of all 32 US Balanced portfolios

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