Rethink How to Win Executives

On February 26, 2020

Laura Gregg: Senior Vice President, Director of Practice Management and Advisor Research at FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds

Chuck Self: Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at iSectors® LLC.

It’s easy to make assumptions about prospects and clients, but making the wrong assumption can have a negative impact on your business and your ability to attract and retain high-net-worth (HNW) earners. In 2019 FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds, managed by Northern Trust, commissioned a study to learn about gender nuances in the money perspectives of HNW primary breadwinners – individuals who contributed at least half of their household’s annual income.

The results may surprise you. Would you have assumed the following:

    • executive women are half as likely to identify as a conservative investor as compared to their male counterparts
    • executive men have twice the guilt when they are at work instead of at home as compared to their female counterparts
    • top investment goals are quite different: executive men are currently focused on dependents and future generations, while executive women are focused on planning for the worst, retirement, and philanthropy

Watch our webinar Rethink How to Win Executives to examine data that may help you understand the new-age differences in investment perspectives and expectations between executive men and executive women wealth creators.



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