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Prove financial advisor value with a written comparison

By Vern Sumnicht, Chief Executive Officer on August 6, 2015

I agree with much of what the authors conclude in the recent State Street Global Advisors survey,… Read More


By Chuck Self, iSectors Chief Investment Officer on July 17, 2015

Over the past three months, iSectors’ Post-MPT Growth Allocation has gone through some significant changes.  The strategy is currently incorporating its lowest amount… Read More

Asset Class Correlations are rising, and it’s a problem

By John Koch, Senior Investment Analyst on June 18, 2015

While reading an article recently on Yahoo! Finance about the “macro fatigue” that many investors are facing today–amidst the incessant reports of Greece… Read More

Improvements Can Be Made To Better Protect Participants In Managed Accounts

Improvements Can Be Made to Better Protect Participants in Managed Accounts Below is an excerpt from an article posted on that really resonates… Read More

Yes, financial advisors can properly utilize leveraged ETFs in client portfolios

By Chuck Self, iSectors Chief Investment Officer on April 29, 2015

Financial advisors have varying views of the use of leveraged ETFs.  These securities have the goal of providing (for 2x leveraged ETFs) double the daily… Read More

Debunking the myths about collective investment trusts

Last week, we published a post on how iSectors utilizes ETFs in 401k plans. In this article, we also… Read More

ETFs can be very beneficial in 401(k) plans

iSectors’ ETF models are not only available to standard wealth managers, they are also available in any 401(k) plan. This might be hard to believe… Read More

The history of 401k Investing

By Vern Sumnicht, Chief Executive Officer on April 2, 2015

Today’s Throwback Thursday article (below) may be the most historical one we will ever post! In October 2014, iSectors’ CEO… Read More

Find Out Why More Advisors Moving to TAMPs

By Vern Sumnicht, Chief Executive Officer on March 26, 2015

iSectors® LLC is an investment management strategist that specializes in creating ETF  investment allocation models, used by investment advisors, to build customized portfolio solutions for their… Read More

No eye test or gut feelings when considering which ETFs to use in iSectors strategies

By Vern Sumnicht, Chief Executive Officer on March 20, 2015

Today’s Throwback Thursday post falls on the first full day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. As people all across the country fill out… Read More