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iSectors Precious Metals Webcast featuring Aberdeen Standard Investments

By , on December 19, 2018

In this short and informative webcast, Chuck Self of iSectors and Maxwell Gold with Aberdeen Standard Investments discuss the recent market performance and how… Read More

Why Gold Should Be in Every Diversification Portfolio!

By , on December 11, 2018

Gold makes the ugly beautiful. – Molière And this market has been ugly. Quarter to date (December 7, 2018), the Standard & Poor’s 500… Read More

Did Mr. Market Trick-or-Treat You This Past October?

By Tony Petersen, Marketing Specialist on November 9, 2018

October is usually known as a “scary month.” Not only because Halloween lands in October, but because of the volatility for which October has become… Read More

Yes! Financial Advisors Can Benefit from Outsourcing Investment Management to TAMPs

By Scott Jones, Director of Business Development on October 17, 2018

The outsourced investment management strategy is still widely misunderstood among the advisor community despite the proven benefits. Advisors facing a stagnating growth rate and seeking… Read More

Pick up in market volatility this week a potential end of bull market run?

By , on October 12, 2018

Given the volatility in the equity markets in October, especially the last few days, here is my commentary for those advisors whose clients… Read More

Time for Advisors to Focus on Income Funds?

By , on September 10, 2018

As we experience the last act of this equity bull market, advisors are looking for places to protect client funds with a potential of earning… Read More

Emerging Markets and Multi-Factor ETFs

By John Koch, Senior Investment Analyst on August 21, 2018

Emerging markets have been in the news lately and for all the wrong reasons (I’m looking at you, Turkey). Even given this short-term… Read More

Should Rising Rates Make You Own More Cash?

By , on May 22, 2018

How do you solve a problem like Bond Allocations? (With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II.) This is the question being asked by financial advisors and… Read More

Advisors: How to Create More Effective Equity Portfolios

By , on May 15, 2018

As most advisors know, it is difficult to gain clients with strong performance but easy to lose them from weak results. Although most clients need… Read More

Be an Elite Advisor Using Simple, Efficient Investment Portfolios

By , on April 29, 2018

Many financial advisors are attracted to the industry due to their love of markets (especially stock markets). Others get a thrill from helping others improve… Read More