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iSectors CryptoBlock® was created as an easy and efficient way to give financial advisors access to an investment portfolio designed to take advantage of the continuous and rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies and the underlying evolution of the technology that makes them possible: blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology investing can present advisors with some distinct compliance and reporting challenges. Our model aims to simplify the regulatory, transaction, and performance reporting by accessing cryptocurrencies, and companies implementing blockchain technology through widely available, liquid, and transparent ETFs and publicly-traded investment trusts.

Vern Sumnicht, CEO of iSectors

iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation

Press Release

Appleton, WI. iSectors®, LLC, a leading ETF Strategist, announced today the introduction of a new state-of-the-art allocation model, “iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation”.

The iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation is a portfolio uniquely positioned to take advantage of the continuous and rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape. Bitcoin has emerged as the dominant cryptocurrency in the marketplace with a current capitalization that exceeds one trillion dollars. Many companies have begun to accept Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services, and an increasing number of corporations and institutional investors are now investing in Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is a trillion dollar network growing 200% a year and it only took 12 years. It took Apple 22 years to reach a trillion dollars. Bitcoin is owned by a hundred million people worldwide. Insurance companies and other institutions are buying Bitcoin; it’s here to stay,” Vern Sumnicht, CEO of iSectors.

The goal of iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation model is to give investors access to Bitcoin and the groundbreaking technological advancements in the digital economy. The iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation invests directly in a trust that provides investors access to Bitcoin and ETFs that hold companies integrating blockchain technology into their businesses.

The iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation aims to create investment exposure between Bitcoin and blockchain-related ETFs in a balanced manner. Bitcoin has shown significant volatility. Blockchain ETFs add diversification to reduce portfolio volatility.

The iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation seeks to give investors access to Bitcoin and blockchain technology by investing in liquid vehicles that can be held in a brokerage account.

iSectors CryptoBlock® Allocation model is intended for investors with an extremely high-risk tolerance.

For more information on the iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation, please visit our website or call 1-800-iSectors.


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All iSectors® strategies are rooted in the philosophy that asset allocation, rather than individual securities selection or market timing, is a more beneficial approach to helping reach a client’s financial goals. iSectors investment process seeks to maintain low overall investment costs through the use of index-based exchange-traded funds (ETF) and technology provided by turnkey asset management platforms. iSectors strategies also offer holdings transparency, as each client’s iSectors investments are held in separate or unified managed accounts, titled in the client’s name, at an independent custodial firm. For more information, visit

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