iSectors Enhanced Allocation Series White Paper

iSectors® Enhanced Allocation Series Summary

Just Like Professional Football, Today Investing Requires a Strong Offense and a Strong Defense to Win

The world of professional football these days is so competitive that a team of talented players and coaches can’t win with a strong passing and running game. To win the Super Bowl, you need a “killer” offense and an outstanding defense.

In a similar way, as debt increases and fear of the next recession looms, investors are looking for investment strategies that provide a strong offense should the stock market continue higher and a strong defense should the stock market correct.

To help investors “win” in this competitive and perilous environment, iSectors® aims to enhance the game plan and help investors execute an investment strategy with both a strong offense and a strong defense. In response, iSectors® has developed 5 target risk allocations, the “iSectors® Enhanced Allocations”:

  • iSectors® Enhanced Income Allocation
  • iSectors® Enhanced Conservative Allocation
  • iSectors® Enhanced Balanced Allocation
  • iSectors® Enhanced Growth Allocation
  • iSectors® Enhanced Aggressive Allocation

The iSectors® Enhanced Allocation models are designed to give investors the ability to choose how aggressively they want to be playing offense or defense, considering their objectives and risk utility. Every iSectors® Enhanced Allocation owns exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These ETF portfolios hold between 6,000 and 8,000 individual stocks and/or bonds.

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