ISectors® Introduces The Ready Go! 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution

By Director of Business Development, Scott Jones on December 4, 2014


iSectors® has teamed with leading retirement plan providers to create The Ready Go! 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution. Financial advisors can now leverage the strengths and experience of a team of 401(k) industry experts.

In conjunction with Expand Financial, July Business Services and Mid Atlantic Trust Company, The Ready Go! 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution can help advisors start or expand a retirement plan component of their business.

The Ready Go! 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution is an easy, cost-effective, retirement plan solution that provides:

  • An opportunity for advisors to win more plans and retain existing business;
  • An efficient approach that will simplify an advisor’s current book of business;
  • A team of experts to help advisors with the complexities of the retirement plan business;
  • The freedom to manage client relationships while a team of specialists handles the details;
  • Open architecture and seamless integration with leading custodians such as Mid Atlantic Trust.

One of the strongest features of this program is the comprehensive line up of professionally managed models available for investment.  Historically, participants chose from dozens of investment options or chose nothing at all (due to the complexity of the process) and created non-diversified investment programs.  If they made any changes at all in subsequent periods, they would buy the best performing and sell the worst performing options (otherwise known as “buy high, sell low”).

With iSectors’ Ready Go! 401(k) solutions, participants determine their targeted risk level and with fantastic tools to help them do so. That targeted risk level is then mapped to an appropriate investment model that is optimally allocated and diversified.  Once invested, a participant will only need to change the investment model if or when their risk tolerance changes due to life events.  Otherwise, iSectors will continually manage the funds utilizing its objective, time-tested processes.

The main thesis of Tom Gonnella’s (Strategies, LLC) excellent article, designing 401(k)s that really work, is that the best retirement plans have choices that are exclusively composed of professionally managed models.  Forward-looking retirement plan advisors should consider Gonnella’s points when creating plan proposals!

For more information on The iSectors Ready Go! 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution, please contact me, Scott Jones at [email protected] or 800.869.5184.

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