The Future of Investing: iSectors® ETF Investment Allocation Models

iSectors® LLC is an investment management strategist that specializes in creating ETF investment allocation models, used by investment advisors, to build customized portfolio solutions for their clients. Investment advisors save time and resources when they outsource their asset allocation process to iSectors and as a result, afford more time to work with clients as well as improve the efficiency of their advisory business.

iSectors® offers a suite of ETF-based asset allocation models, each of which has been created to meet the needs of a specific investment objective.  Depending upon an investor’s specific needs, an advisor can build a portfolio using one or more iSectors models that is tailored to the client’s specific investment objective. Through the use of ETFs, whenever possible, iSectors allocations provide daily liquidity and transparency with respect to account holdings.

iSectors® asset allocation models are available in separate and unified managed accounts for use in both taxable and non-taxable accounts, including 401(k) and other retirement plans. For 401(k) plans, the allocations are unitized through Mid-Atlantic Capital Group’s ModelxChangeTM platform service and iSectors can partner with various TPAs, record keepers and other providers to develop open-source retirement plans customized to meet the specific needs of your plan.

Our series of asset allocation models are available exclusively through registered investment advisors. We invite you and your investment advisor to see how iSectors® can help you reach your investment objectives, reduce your overall cost of investing, and improve the transparency of your investment holdings and your fees.

iSectors allocation investments use separately managed (or unified managed) accounts, and are opened in your name at independent brokerage custodians. These accounts offer online access to various reports, including: holdings, transactions, realized gain/loss, tax reports and other information that is updated daily or in some cases, real-time.

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